Sensual Massage

A Guide to Sensual Massage.

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Sensual massage is different from the normal massage that is known by people practiced in salons and spas. It is a more intimate type of massage that utilizes the senses of touch. This type of massage is played by two partners before or after the sexual act. During the massage, the one doing the massage can use other parts of the body such as lips, mouth and not only hands are used. This is meant to arouse more senses and arouses partner's senses and also increase the pleasure. The primary goal of this type of massage is the achievement of sexual arousal. It will involve the massage of the male and female sensitive areas, but it does no penetrative sex involved. It will go beyond the normal physical touch massage and includes several elements that will make one relax and enjoy. It will require the full surrender of the receiver to the masseur. He or she needs to loosen up and give all his or her body. visit;
 There is need to set up a good environment that will ensure the extreme experience of massage. There is a need for privacy when doing theist ye of massage because the couple will be nude. The most preferred type of massage is the one done at home. When this sensual massage is performed in spa studios, then the room should be isolated from busy areas. It should also be soundproof, and it should also provide a good intimate atmosphere. The studio should have dim light and candles because if the light is bright, it will prevent the person from relaxing. During this type of massage, there are essential oils that are natural and aromatic used with some nice fragrance that is aimed at stimulating the sexual senses and build a sensual connection between the couple. learn more

Sensual massage also involves softer and gentler touch, and there is no pressing hard on the muscles as it does not include relieve pain. Partners can also be trained on how they can perform on each other. All parts can be touched. The pubis and the women breasts are not excluded and also the men's genital area. They are caressed. Orgasm is not the main purpose but sometimes can be achieved. They will greatly unlock the emotions that have been suppressed and release sexual energy. When performed the strokes are developed in a rhythmic manner being varied from long to short strokes. Therefore couples are more referred to sensual massage services. click here!
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